Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Pensamientos

In sacrament meeting today, one of the speakers woke me up by mentioning a woman I had barely remembered, Ardeth Kapp, who was the Young Women's president when I was in college.  I don't remember much of her--whether she was one of those with the "primary voices," or if she was vibrant, or what.  I just have a positive feeling attached to her name, so she must have meant something to me, or maybe she was associated with a positive time for me.

At any rate, she is the author of today's pensamiento (which for the new to this blog, is Spanish for "thought," "pondering," or "meditation.").  She speaks of applying the lessons from the early LDS pioneers to our own pioneer experiences.  :

"And what of our Winter Quarters and Zion's Camp experiences? Times of difficulty try the faith of all who profess to be Latter-day Saints and follow the prophets. We are walking in the well-worn paths of those who preceded us in the quest for Zion. Help and comfort are available to us through sources beyond our own immediate strength, just as they were for those who have gone before us.

It has been said that trials are at the core of saintliness. Through our covenant relationship with Jesus Christ, we do all that we can do, and by the grace of God he does the rest."

I imagine a pioneer walking across a river, footing unstable, but grasping the hand of a strong arm from a preceding pioneer reaching out to her, pulling her across.  I imagine that we are all helping each other, and that Jesus Christ is that arm that completely pulls us across that difficult place.  


Dean said...

I grew up in her stake. Her husband was in the stake presidency. They were very true blue Mormon with a twist - they had no children, so they "adopted" all of the youth who needed some help or encouragement. Sister Kapp was particularly compassionate. I did not know her well, but I never saw or heard anything negative or judgmental about her.

Erin said...

THAT'S why I liked her! I couldn't remember why, but I knew I had positive feelings toward her! Thanks for reminding me, and for your additional information.